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Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Olds

Christmas Gifts for 12 year olds

Oh, what to get kids that are leaving childhood and merging into adulthood? Never fear, there are plenty of Christmas gifts for 12 year olds that the kids will like and find not too babyish.

Going outside the norm

This age group likes to receive gifts that nobody else has. It makes them feel like a trend setter and they love showing off their new gadgets to friends. So, when you're looking for Christmas gifts for 12 year olds, look for something unique. One great idea is walkie talkie watches. Walkie talkies are cool, but walkie talkie wristwatches are even cooler and they're unique. The watches are a little bit bigger than your average watch, but they look like sports watches so they're relatively undercover. The display includes the time and date, but it's the built in microphone that really makes these toys undercover. They also come with fitted ear pieces so the kids can free up their hands while they're chasing criminals. These Christmas gifts for 12 year olds are still toys, but they're adult enough that the kids won't feel silly using them. And, they might actually get you off the hook for having to buy a cell phone!

Laughing pens are some other fun Christmas gifts for 12 year olds. These pens laugh when they're used. The laugh is actually pretty funny and will get your child laughing and thinking outside the box. You can also get a massage pen that has different massage settings when activated.

Some other ideas

Girls at this age like to have a little privacy and they like to feel like adults. Let your daughter express herself using a voice protected diary. She will no longer have to hide her diary under her bed with this technological piece! Instead, she'll just have to lock it up when she's finished. When she wants to open it, she simply says the password and the high tech device opens. Don't worry, even those who figure out her password won't be able to get into the diary thanks to the voice recognition system. Another great gift for a 12-year-old girl is a heart locket. You can find lockets that very in style in size. This piece of jewelry will make her feel grown up and allow her to keep someone special near her at all times.

Artistic gifts, such as a traveling art kit that includes markers, paper, paint and different drawing pencils are great Christmas gifts for 12 year olds that are creative. For the science guy or gal, get a space theater planetarium. These things light up and show the kids different constellations and where they are in the sky during different times of the year. If you're still a little nervous about getting Christmas gifts for 12 year olds, go for a gift card so the kid can pick out their own gift.

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