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Christmas Presents

When buying Christmas presents you’ll want to be creative and give those on your list items which will be a reflection of your affection for them. Think of the things you’ve received that you have most enjoyed. Chances are those items are personal in nature or give you an opportunity to spend time with the person who gave it to you. Presents are usually of a more personal nature than gifts. Gifts are things we give our neighbors and acquaintances, whereas presents really are an exchange between people with affection for one another. Keep that in mind when heading into the holiday season and planning out your lists.

If you’re looking at deeply personal presents, consider something that has special meaning to the recipient. You’ll do even better to give something which is a symbol of the warmth between you. If you have an activity you share with that person regularly, a token relating to that activity along with a photo of the two of you engaging in it will be treasured for years to come. If you love cycling with your cousin, maybe a new set of gloves and a finishing line framed photo of you both with your bikes would fit the bill. A pair of friends who attend a cooking class at the community center would love a new apron, a chef’s hat and a snapshot of the day the cake went horribly wrong.

People of great faith would always appreciate a present to support their beliefs. Consider items like daily devotionals, angel inspired wall hangings or desk accessories, prayer box jewelry or a new cross to display on the wall. These items will inspire believers and show how much you love them.

Another great deeply personal item is a custom scrapbook. These come in varying styles and sizes and have something to offer for nearly everyone. The beauty of a scrapbook like this is that it can be personalized to the individual or their family and you can begin it for them by including photos you may have of them or their family members on special occasions. You can also contact others who are close to the recipient for photo additions or ask them to write a memory to be included in the book. Anyone receiving a scrapbook of this nature will be flattered and excited to get such a wonderful and special present for Christmas.

At Christmastime, try to remember the difference between gifts and presents and the value of both. Christmas presents of a personal nature will always be cherished by the recipient.

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