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Congratulatory Wedding Gift Baskets

Congratulatory wedding gift baskets are a lovely way to help a newlywed couple celebrate their new union. You can find a wide variety of baskets and selections in any price range which would all be great gift choices.

Price can play a factor in congratulatory wedding gift baskets because if you are not careful you will add enough items to raise the price tag in a big way. Set a price limit for yourself before you begin shopping for the perfect gift basket for the happy couple. If you do, your task will go much more smoothly.

If you would like to give simple congratulatory wedding gift baskets, you will want to think small. You may only want to include one or two focal items and fill in with just a few other items which follow the same theme. You can give a wine basket which could contain a bottle or two from a local vineyard (if you choose to give two bottles, consider giving one red and one white for variety) and a pair of wine glasses. Remember that these are newlyweds and they may not have very many kitchen, or wine, accessories. You might also want to include a corkscrew and a bottle stopper. If you don’t want to give a wine basket, follow the same standard set here with whatever type of basket you select.

For nice middle of the road congratulatory wedding gift baskets you can expand on the simple basket mentioned earlier and add a few additional items. If you are giving a wine basket you might want to include a wine chilling sleeve, a wine guide and a maybe another bottle of wine. If you are following a different theme for your basket, try to have two or three focal items and about five or so accessories or items which compliment the focal items.

If you would like to give larger congratulatory wedding gift baskets, make sure you have a basket large enough to hold a bevy of fabulousness. You’ll be able to have three or four larger focal items and you can include just as many accessories or smaller items as you can think of.

You can send a great gift basket to a newlywed couple in any theme and in any price range. Just remember your budget and try to include in the basket things you would like to receive yourself. If you are able to do so you’ll be able to give wonderful congratulatory wedding gift baskets.

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