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Cool Gift Ideas

Cool Gift Ideas

It's nice to get people standard gifts that you know they'll enjoy, but why not go out on a limb and come up with some cool gift ideas?

Cheapies for the kids

Kids like all different kinds of gifts and may be more receptive to cool gift ideas than adults partially because they like to show their new, unique gifts off to friends. So what kind of unique gifts can you get a kid? Well, you can always stop by a party gift store. These stores have small accessories and inexpensive gifts that will capture the kids' imagination and cause a bit of laughter. Most of these stores carry whoopee cushions, fake dog droppings and foam rocks. You can imagine how creative kids get with these gifts. These cheap cool gift ideas may not cost a lot, but they're sure to bring the children hours of entertainment.

Technical toys

When you start talking about cool gift ideas, you have to include a section about the latest, greatest technological toys. These cool gift ideas can be purchased for men, women or children. Some of them, such as the iPod shuffle, are practical. But, you can mix the practicality of this gift with fashion. When you pick up the shuffle, purchase some earphones that are decorated with rhinestones. They're fake, but they add a little pizzazz to otherwise boring earpieces. They come in many different colors including blue, pink, red and orange. Other cool gift ideas, such as a mini helicopter, are not practical, but they are fun.

You can find mini helicopters and mini cars that are battery or electrically operated. They're all cool gift ideas, but the mini helicopter is especially fun because it flies. The PicoZ mini helicopter controller actually has three channels so you can control three different helicopters at once. The thing is great at making high speed maneuvers and can withstand rather aggressive impacts so the occasional crash isn't the end of the world.

Not into electronic vehicles or helicopters? What about an electronic pet? Electronic guinea pigs are cool gift ideas for techies. They're also great gift ideas for anyone who's always wanted a pet, but hasn't gotten one because they don't want the responsibility. Rest assured that this little guy won't come begging you for food at six in the morning. This little guy will even follow you around thanks to a little laser pointer that's installed in the carrot he constantly carries around in his mouth.

Shopping for someone who loves the old gangster movies? Get him or her a Scarface remote control. Push the buttons on this sound clip and you'll get a whole bunch of different Scarface sayings. There are many different cool gift ideas that fit all different types of personalities.

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