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Corporate Gift Basket

Corporate Gift Basket

The corporate gift basket is an easy and thoughtful way of thanking a company or employee for working for you.

When to send a corporate gift basket

Companies send out a corporate gift basket for many different reasons. Usually they send them out around the holidays to spread holiday cheer or as a thank you. Using the corporate gift basket as a thank you is a nice gesture after a company has worked particularly hard to advance your agenda.

Sometimes companies will send their own employees a corporate gift basket. Again, this is done around the holidays or to say thank you to the employees for doing such good work. Individual baskets tend to be less expensive and smaller than baskets that are meant for an entire corporation or department.

You can find a corporate gift basket on-line or at any gourmet food store. These places generally have at least a couple of different corporate gift baskets on hand. However, they're usually willing to substitute some items in a pre-made basket for items that you prefer. The baskets are priced based on the value of the contents in the baskets. Many times you can get a discount on the baskets or free shipping if you order baskets in bulk. Make sure to ask if the company has any bulk deals before you place your order.

What goes in the corporate gift basket

Lost of different items can go in a corporate gift basket. Corporate gift baskets that include food and alcohol seem to be particularly popular. Baskets full of gourmet cheese, crackers, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate are very common. Baskets full of citrus fruit or wine are also quite popular. A corporate gift basket with food is nice because the employees or company owners can enjoy the food right away. A good snack of cheese and crackers is a great mid-day pick me up.

Your corporate gift basket doesn't have to include food. In fact, if the basket is going to an individual instead of an entire corporate team, you might want to send a few more expensive gifts in your corporate gift basket. Desk trinkets such as pens, calculators, planners and clocks are nice gifts for the corporate gift basket. You can add smaller fillers such as note pads and breath mints to these baskets.

If you know the person really well, send him or her a corporate gift basket full of golf supplies such as a golf ball, golf towel and a book on golf tips. This is a nice corporate gift basket for any regular golfing/business partner. Your corporate gift basket should be tasteful and, if it's being given to more than one person, should include plenty of items for everyone.

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