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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts

Giving employees or corporate partners corporate gifts during the holidays is a nice way to recognize all of the hard work your employees have put into the company.

Practical gifts

Corporate gifts are generally practical gifts, but employees appreciate the practical of the gifts. You can get your employees small electronics that will make their days a little easier. Some great electronics include calculators, small radios, personal planning devices and computer accessories. It's not a good idea to get your employees electronic gifts that they already have. Your employees probably have no use for two calculators or two mouse pads. If you go the electronics route, get something that they don't have and will really appreciate.

Employees like to get corporate apparel as long as the apparel is attractive. To find appealing apparel corporate gifts, look for neutral colors. Chances are your employees will not walk around in bright orange or fire engine red polo shirts. Some might, but the majority won't. So, if your company logo includes bright colors, pick a blue, gray, black or white shirt and have the logo embroidered in the corner of the shirt.

When you're choosing apparel, don't be cheap. People don't like to wear low quality clothes and won't wear junky company t-shirts. Look for thick high quality sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts or t-shirts. If you wouldn't wear the shirt, you're employees probably won't either.

Gifts for executives

Corporate gifts for executives should be a little bit more expensive and of a higher quality. After all, you pay these guys a lot more than the little guys, so show them some appreciation! Also, you have fewer executives than workers to buy gifts for, so you can spread the money around.

Most executive spend a lot of time traveling so good corporate gifts for executives can include some kind of travel wear. You could get them a nice garment bag or carry on suitcase. Brief cases are also good gifts for the executive. If you want the gift personalized, have it embroidered with the executive's initials.

Executives also spend a lot of time on the golf course. If you know the executive well and feel like spending a lot of money, buy them some new golf equipment or apparel. Do buy these gifts if you don't know the executive well because he or she might not like or need the gift. If you don’t know the executive that well, but know they golf, buy them some comp time at a course instead of buying them corporate gifts.

Many executives also have mini bars in their offices. Good corporate gifts for executives can include nice bottle of liquor, bar glasses or nice bar accessories.

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