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80th Birthday Gifts

80th Birthday Gifts

An 80th birthday is a really special birthday and should be celebrated with the perfect 80th birthday gifts.

Making memories

What could someone who is 80 possibly want? Well, if you've ever spent time around and older person you know that they love nothing more than to talk about their kids and their families. You can incorporate this love of family into your 80th birthday gifts. Get your grandmother, grandfather or favorite great aunt a birthday present that is representative of your entire family. Well before the big day, about a year or so in advance, ask every family member to create a patch for a quilt. Get in touch with a quilting place (you can find them on-line or visit your local craft and fabric stores) and ask them if they can hand you blank square that can be ironed on. Send the squares to each family member and have them work on the square. They can choose actual photos or make their own square to put on the quilt. Make sure you set up a due date so you can get the squares to print in plenty of time. The company will put the squares together for you and you can present your granny with a family quilt. Older people love these 80th birthday gifts! They're timeless and they are made by every single person that is important to the older person.

Since older people are so fond of looking back and sifting through memories, you can also get your special one a scrapbook as 80th birthday gifts. Now, keep in mind that if you get the scrap book, you're going to probably have to put it together yourself. When a person gets to the ripe old age of 80, they often have a hard time gluing small items to a page. Again, this is a gift that everyone in your family can contribute to. They can each pick a page of the scrapbook and put it together.

Comfort is key

When you're trying to find 80th birthday gifts for someone in your family, look at gifts that will make that person's life easier. Some 80-year-olds are very spry, but most of them have at least one physical ailment. As people age they have a difficult time seeing and finding things and many of theme are often in pain. Get the older person in your life an arm extension. These devices have a handle at one end and a gripper at the other end. Basically it lets the old person reach things that are on the ground or on a shelf, which is really helpful if they have a hard time getting around. Also consider getting foam pillows or nice blankets so the person can be very comfortable when they're sitting in a chair. These 80th birthday gifts will be appreciated because they will make the person more comfortable.

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