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Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way to let your clients know that you've enjoyed working with them and you appreciate their business throughout the year. Corporate Christmas gifts are not only a celebration of the current business relationship but they also premise potential business with a client for the upcoming New Year. The price you are willing to spend on the gift may be determined by the extent of the business relationship and the profits that may or may not have been reached. By this I mean the client that affords you profits in the amount of $10,000 would get a much different gift from the one that brings you a $100,000 profit.

Corporate Christmas gifts can be sent to an individual as a representative of the company or it can be sent to a company as a whole. Likewise, corporate Christmas gifts can be sent by a particular individual in a company on behalf of the entire company. These types of gifts vary based on the extent of the relationship as I mentioned above and also the longevity of the relationship. But have no fear, I will provide you with examples of both low end and high end gifts.

Corporate Christmas gifts can come in the form of something as simple as a pen and pencil set, clock, calculator, paper weight or clock. All these items will undoubtedly have your company's name and logo on it. Clients also like to receive gifts in the form of wine baskets, cookies, chocolate, tins of gourmet popcorn, specialty breads, cakes or pies. For those clients who you may want to send gifts on the higher end of the cost scale, your options for corporate Christmas gifts include a company sponsored trip or vacation, a case of filet mignot, a case of champagne, spa treatments for the ladies on the Board of Directors or a formal company sponsored dinner and dance.

All the above examples are given in our effort to demonstrate the wide range of selection there is when choosing the appropriate Corporate Christmas gifts for your clients. We realize that it may not be possible to give each and every client a high end gift especially if you run a large business. However, it would be a great gesture on your part to send each and every client a gift of some sort because without that client, you would not have achieved the level in business you were able to during that year.

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