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Corporate Holiday Gifts

Corporate holiday gifts are a great way to let your clients know how much you appreciate the loyalty and business they provided you with in the past. Corporate holiday gifts are also a thoughtful way for a company to let their employees know they appreciate the effort that they put out to make the company a successful one. A great thing about corporate holiday gifts is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to wait until Christmas to send them; you can send them during any holiday season like Easter or Thanksgiving. This fact alone goes a long way in letting your clients or employees know how much you’ve enjoyed working with them.

Let’s look at the business client relationship first. Corporate holiday gifts are not just a celebration of the current business relationship you share with that client but it is also a way to let your clients know that you hope to be able to work with them again in the future. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the price you spend on the gift may be determined by the extent of the business relationship you share with that client in other words, the client with a $1,000.00 account may get a different gift than the client with the $10,000 account.

Now let’s examine the employer employee relationship. Corporate holiday gifts help an employer to raise morale around the company by helping their employees to feel appreciated. In this instance, it is better to order one standard gift for all employees, regardless of their title and what their job is in the company. This way, you will avoid the feeling of us versus them in the gift giving practice.

There are many examples of items that can be used as corporate holiday gifts. The key is to make sure that regardless what kind of gift you send, it comes personalized with the company’s name or logo as well as the holiday season during the gift is being given. These gifts can be in the form of a pen and pencil set, desk clock, desk calculator, paper weight, clock, any type of all purpose bag, blanket or rain poncho. It also goes over well when food items are sent like chocolate, cookies, gourmet crackers and cheese, cakes, pastries, gourmet nuts or gourmet popcorn. Whether your corporate holiday gifts are for a client or an employee make it worth its weight in gold regardless what the dollar amount is over that client or employee’s head.

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