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Easy Home Made Gift Ideas

Easy home made gift ideas are a fun way to give thoughtful gifts. If you are willing to spend some time researching home made gifts before the gift giving occasion you will undoubtedly come up with wonderful and easy home made gifts that will please anyone.

Home made gifts can also be budget friendly. Try to find the items you will be using on sale and your pocketbook will thank you. You may also be able to find items in bulk if you will be making many items. Consider looking for items to purchase by the lot in craft stores or on Internet websites.

One of the easiest home made gift ideas is the mix jar. It is just as it sounds. You purchase ingredients used to make particular food items and assemble jars filled with those dry ingredients. Then, you can decorate the jars for the occasion and include a copy of the recipe along with the instructions for mixing those dry ingredients in the jar with wet ingredients. That way you have given the largest part of a batch of cookies or other mix and you have given the recipe and cooking instructions so the recipient will have it to use over and over again in the future. Wonderful recipes to consider are favorite cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal, snicker doodles, gingerbread, and sugar cookies), bread mixes for quick breads, custom tea blends, and flavored hot chocolate mixes. You will need canning jars, lids, and rings, dry ingredients for the mix (such as flour, sugars, candies, baking soda or baking powder and salt, in addition to cocoa powder) as well as fabric or ribbon to decorate the jars with, and card stock for the recipe and instructions. If you are passing on a family recipe it is also nice to include a story about who developed the recipe or a story which reminds you of the food item. To add a special flair, you can always tie a wooden spoon or whisk to the jar as well. They can be decorated for any occasion or holiday.

Additional easy home made gift ideas include hand made picture frames, which can be assembled from store bought frames and things like buttons, game pieces, crayons, costume jewelry or sea shells. Hand made t-shirts are always fun to make. You will want to have good quality t-shirt paint and shirts available. You can paint coffee mugs or plates with special paint developed to withstand washing. Starting a special scrapbook is also relatively easy and can give you an opportunity to work on the book with the recipient.

Home made gifts are a lovely gesture for any gift giving occasion. You will want to plan ahead and have your tools, ingredients and items assembled before you begin your project. Be ready to create items that will be loved when you are thinking of easy home made gift ideas.

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