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Engagement Gift

Engagement gift

Getting a couple an engagement gift after they've made their big announcement is an unnecessary, but really nice gesture.

Do I have to give the couple an engagement gift?

No. You don't have to give the couple an engagement gift. You should give them a wedding gift, but it's not socially unacceptable if you don't get them an engagement gift. However, if you decide not to get them a gift, you should send them a card. This is a nice gesture to let the couple know you're thinking of them. Getting an engagement gift is not a must, but it is nice.

Gift for the couple

Sometimes people will register for an engagement gift, though this isn't very common because engagements are generally surprise occasions. But, some couples will set up a registry after they make their announcement. If this is the case, get on their registry and pick a gift. This is the easiest, most surefire way to get them something you know they'll love.

So what do you do if they don't register? There area a couple of pretty standard engagement gifts you can get for a couple. One good idea is a gift basket that includes wine or champagne, cheese and crackers and chocolate. This allows the couple to celebrate their engagement in private. However, if the couple doesn't drink, try getting them a personalized wedding frame. You probably won't know the date of the wedding, but you can get them a personalized stainless steel frame that ahs the couple's name and the engagement date engraved on it. One great engagement gift is a gift certificate to a restaurant. Though it's exciting for couples to share their news with family and friends, it is a personal decision and the couple will appreciate having a chance to celebrate it on their own.

Gift for the house

Many couples that are planning to get married live together before their married. If this is the case with the couple that you know, consider getting them a nice housewarming gift as an engagement gift. This can be anything from a new plant to kitchenware. Cookbooks seem to be popular kitchen-oriented engagement gifts. Lots of people find it hard to cook for two so it's nice to have a couple of easy recipes to refer back to. If you're not really into the whole cookbook idea, get them a subscription to Cooking Light magazine. A year's subscription to this magazine will give them plenty of healthy recipes. If you don't know what they need or what they like, get them a nice gift certificate to a housing store, such as Crate and Barrel or a gift certificate to Home Depot. That way they can use their engagement gift to fix up their new dwelling.

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