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Food Gift

Food gift

When you're stumped about what kind of gift to get a friend, relative or co-worker, don't forget to consider the food gift.

The food gift

Why is the food gift such a good idea? The food gift is a good idea because everyone has to eat to survive and most everyone loves to eat. They may not like to eat everything, but they like to eat something. You can find a food gift that will satisfy sweet tooths, sedate salty cravings and fill up those who want something hearty and filling.

Chocolate, candy and cookies are a good food gift for those who have a sweet tooth. Go with your standard box of mixed chocolates or truffles for the chocolate lover or, get them a basket full of unique imported chocolates. This can include chocolate covered grasshoppers or beetles. This kind of chocolate gift will really test their love of chocolate! If the person prefers cakey sweets such as cookies, send them a nice tin of homemade cookies. If you're not good at baking or don’t enjoy it, send them a cookie bouquet. Cookie bouquets include several different cookies that are made to order and decorated according to your specifications.

Not everyone likes sweet, but that's OK. If you know the person you're getting the gift for loves salty snacks, get them a food gift that includes gourmet cheese and crackers. You can also include different dry mixes for appetizers.

Giving a food gift in place of a material gift is so popular that you can even find a food gift for the steak lover. Omaha Steaks is a steak company that ships their delicious wares all over the country. Packages can be as small as a filet or two or large enough to carry six different pieces of meat.

Food gift for kids

Though you wouldn't think it, a food gift is actually a great gift for kids. Now, for the sake of the parents and the kid's dental bills, we don't recommend that you package up a bunch of candy and just give it to the kid. Instead, get creative. Give the kid a kit on how to build a gingerbread house. Make sure to include some different candy so the kid can decorate the house once it's built. This food gift is especially fun if you have the time to help the kid build the house.

Another food gift for kids that doesn't require any cooking is the candy tree. Go to a craft store and get a large piece of Styrofoam that's shaped like a cone. Then, buy several different types of candy. This candy should be squishy. Gummy bears and other gummy treats are great for the candy tree. While you're at the grocery store, pick up some toothpicks and pin the candy in the tree with the toothpicks. If you have kids, they'll love helping you put together this food gift.

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