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Food Gifts

The gift giving arena has become a wide open world of items geared toward any interest, and as such, food gifts have become incredibly popular. The advent of television shows focusing on cooking has brought the exploration of food into nearly every family room. This has made giving food items fun and easy, and food gifts are no longer simply cookies or a loaf of banana bread.

Food gifts are available at every price range. If you are just looking for a simple food gift, think about a breakfast basket with a pancake mix, some jellies and flavored syrups. Another great gift for any kitchen-ista is a great bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a fashionable gift bag or tied with a festive bow. Flavored oils can infuse extra flavor into any dish, so consider those as well.

Mid-line food gifts can include food items specific to a particular style of cooking. If you would like to give an inclusive Italian food gift, think of combining a couple of types of imported pastas, some canned clams, imported canned tomatoes, capers, a bottle of olive oil and a spaghetti spoon. For someone who enjoys Asian cooking, think of giving a bottle of Tamari soy sauce, a bag of rice noodles, Asian seasonings, sesame and peanut oils and some chopsticks. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to get creative.

If price is not an issue, complete cooking packages with food items would be wonderful gifts. To bump up the Italian package listed previously, add a new pasta pot which includes a removable pasta strainer. Adding an electric or hand-hammered wok to the Asian selections would inspire anyone to stir-fry for hours. Filling a tamale steamer with corn husks, masa mix, Mexican spices, dried beans, dried rice and some Mexican candies would fill a day with wonderful smells and hours of hands-on family fun.

Perhaps these ideas are not as much in-line with your tastes. There are still other food gift options. Personal chefs are all the rage these days. You could hire one to prepare a meal in someone’s home for a special occasion, or go one step further and have the personal chef turn the cooking into a lesson for the recipient of your gift. Maybe your friend has always dreamed of cooking professionally. Some restaurants would be happy to allow one of their more loyal customers to be a guest chef in their kitchen one day for a fee.

Food gifts are fabulous and give gift givers an opportunity to specialize a gift with flair and personality. Being creative when using food as gifts makes your gift unforgettable.

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