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Funny Christmas Gifts

For friends and family that have a twisted sense of humor, sometimes funny christmas gifts make the best gifts. Whether the humor is in the wrapping paper or the gift itself, make sure it's as twisted as the person receiving it.

Some might believe that funny christmas gifts are not appropriate gifts; I tend to disagree. There is nothing wrong with putting a little humor in the holidays. With that said, you do have to be careful in the presentation, and consider your audience when giving funny christmas gifts; if there are children around and your gift is particularly lewd or crude, wait until after they've opened their gifts and gone to play, or work out a different scenario in which to give it.

Funny christmas gifts are easy to find and can be as obnoxious as a farting santa or an elf that moons you. These are typically considered gag gifts and can be appropriate for family and friends alike. If you're trying to buy funny christmas gifts for your grandparents, buy them a walking stick with a mirror and a horn on it. For someone who is recently "over the hill" buy them a funny book about old age, or give them an old duffer hat.

Other funny christmas gifts do not have to be on the gag-gift side of the line. These gifts might include a gift pack of funny DVD's or tickets to see a comedian. If the recipient was previously a video game junkie, buy some retro video games that are bundled inside their respective controllers; all they need to do is plug them in to the tv and play. A book or CD of a comedian is always a great gift too.

Board games also make wonderful funny christmas gifts. Another added bonus to board games is that they are meant to play with other people. The recipient can decide to have an adults only game night and invite over friends to share their gift. Try games like Vulgarville, Fib or Not?, To Know You Better and Bubble Brain are all hilarious games that will keep them entertained for hours.

Funny christmas gifts are always fun to buy and definitely fun to receive. Traditional gifts are nice, but out of the ordinary are even better. Suprise the people on your gift list this year and break away from tradition; your recipient will be laughing out loud for years to come if you choose funny christmas gifts.

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