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Get Well Gift Baskets

Get Well Gift Baskets

Being sick or laid up for any matter of time is not enjoyable. One way to bring a smile to your sick friend's face is by sending them get well gift baskets.

Help them feel better

Get well gift baskets will help the ill or physically unable person feel a whole lot better. Get well gift baskets let the person know you're thinking about them and they give the person something to do or look forward to while they're sitting by themselves in bed. You can find all different gift baskets, but the best gift baskets you can get are the ones that will entertain the person who's laid up.

Get well gift baskets are good for people who will be laid up for at least a week. Spending a week or more in bed or on the couch is not fun and it gets really boring. After all, a person can only take so much day time television! Give the person a basket full of activities they can do while they're laid up. These fun time get well gift baskets include a stack of cards for solitaire, crossword puzzles, mad gabs and word searches. You can also include other small games. If someone else will be around the house, throw a mini-two person battle ship game or Chinese checkers into he basket. Giving the person something to do other than sit will always make them feel better.

If you know the person really well, get them get well gift baskets that include a variety of books or movies. You might be able to find a pre-made get well basket that includes these times, but you'll probably have to put it together yourself. That's OK though. All you have to do is get a basket, fill it with the stuff you like and toss a little bow on the top.

A person who's suffering from the flu will appreciate get well gift baskets that also include tea and a little honey. The entertainment will lift their spirits, but this will boost their immune system.

Send them a little sugar

What better way to make someone smile than by sending them get well gift baskets that include all kinds of sweet treats. You can go to any gourmet chocolate store and pick out chocolate gift baskets for your sick friend. These baskets usually include a mixture of light, dark and white chocolate. If you don't like any of the mixtures you see, ask to create your own basket. Most places are very accommodating to this request.

You can also send a cookie bouquet in place of get well gift baskets. These bouquets include several different large, decorated cookies. The cookies can be decorated in whatever manner you prefer. Send them cookies that are decorated like flowers or some other cheerful item. Good get well gift baskets will help the person feel better and let them know you care for them.

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