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Gift Baskets Corporate Gourmet

For gift baskets corporate gourmet selections can’t go wrong. You’ll be giving fellow businesses a wonderful gift which will put you ahead of your competitors and represent you and your employees well. You’ll want to choose your gift basket corporate gourmet wisely. There are all kinds of great items you can place in your basket but you’ll want to make an impact to maximize your company’s exposure. Sending a gift basket will get your name hard around the receiving office all day so you’ll want it linked with good thoughts.

First, if you are sending your gift basket corporate gourmet to a large office, you’ll have quite a challenge in front of you as you’ll want to ensure that everyone in the office is able to get a sample or goody from the basket you send. So, if you are sending your basket to a large office, you may want to consider sending two or more baskets to be on the safe side. This may affect your budget for the basket(s) but you must guarantee there is enough to go around,

One of the more affordable basket themes for any basket, including gift baskets corporate gourmet are breakfast baskets. These will feature several breakfast items such as muffins, Danish, oatmeal packets, coffee pouches, tea bags (in a variety of blends) and sugar (and sugar substitutes). You may also include fruit or donuts as well. This is a fabulous gift basket to send especially if it can be delivered early on in the day to facilitate breakfast for busy people.

If your gift basket corporate gourmet will be an afternoon treat, think of British high tea. It can be a very fun feature in an office’s afternoon. You’ll want to provide several tea blends, of course, sugar (and sugar substitute), and a selection of finger sandwiches. These don’t need to be elaborate, as food featured at high teas usually aren’t, just a small snack to get someone through the afternoon. You can also include some simple small cookies as well.

For your gift basket corporate gourmet you’ll want to remember the time of day your basket will be received, how many you will be providing for, and to stick with a theme. The gourmet food items send a touch of distinction and class and the office staff receiving it will think very fondly of your company for sending one over. Make sure you label as many items in the basket as possible with stickers which read, “Many thanks from XYZ Company,” so everyone knows who sends the best. Follow a few simple rules and you will send great gift baskets corporate gourmet selections.

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