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Gift Food Basket

Gift food baskets are a perfect gift to let someone know you are thinking about them, no matter what the occasion. Whether you are giving the basket out of celebration of promotion, marriage, a birth or even for a wake or funeral, you are sending a gift with a heartfelt message behind it.

First, before you start to build the perfect gift food basket, think of why you are sending a gift basket? What is the purpose? The reason this is important is that you want to set the right tone with your gift food basket. You would send very different baskets for a wedding gift than you would a funeral. Once you have thought about your purpose, you’ll want to think about your theme. The theme you select will be one you carry throughout each item you add to the basket.

Once you have done the thinking about what you will be doing with your gift food basket, you’ll want to start making it or you’ll want to start researching suppliers. If you will be making the basket yourself, you’ll need a good quality basket from which to begin. If you are ordering, you will want to select a company with a great reputation. Check their website for customer recommendations and if you know of anyone who sends baskets regularly, ask them for their best recommendation regarding suppliers.

When you start building your basket up, you will want to include one or two main items and fill it in with several smaller related items for most types of baskets, much like Easter baskets when you were a child. It is a good idea to plan to provide a little more in the basket than you think you will need. You would never want to send a gift food basket with too few items in it.

Obviously you’ll be filling your basket with wonderful food items, but you might also want to consider adding a few accessories to your selections as well. If you are giving a fruit basket but are planning to add nuts for accents, consider adding nut cracking tools. If you are giving a gourmet basket and are including soft cheeses or pate’ you’ll want to add a couple of spreaders. Coffee or tea baskets would be well served with the inclusion of a couple of mugs or cups. A wine basket would seem unfinished without a pair of wine glasses.

Just keep in mind the purpose and theme of the gift food basket you will be sending to make sure you send the right message. If you do, your gift food basket will be a very popular gift.

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