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Gift Ideas for Couples

Gift Ideas for Couples

Gift ideas for couples come in handy when you have to buy a gift for a wedding, anniversary or baby shower.

Going to the chapel

On-line wedding gift registries have become so popular that it's hard to find a soon-to-be married couple that isn't registered on one or more Web sites. So, before you wrack your brain trying to find the perfect gift ideas for couples, ask if they've registered for their wedding. If they have, all you have to do is get on that company's Web site, enter the couple's name and you'll have a list of gift possibilities right at your fingertips. These sites will tell you if a gift's already been purchased so you don't end up duplicating the gift. Find a gift that you like and is in your price range, enter your credit card number and the gift will automatically be sent to the couple's house.

Not all couples put together a registry, but monetary gifts and gift baskets are always appreciated. If you want to give the couple money, find a tactful card and place the money in the card. If you want to get a gift basket, consider going for a spa or wine and cheese gift baskets. Spa gift baskets will include shampoo, bubble bath, foot lotion and other items to pamper the couple. You can also include a large tray that straddles two sides of the tub. This will allow the couple to enjoy a class or wine or some chocolate while they're in the bathtub. A basket full of nice cheeses and a bottle of wine or two will give the couple something to look forward to when they get home.

If these gift ideas for couples aren't getting you excited, think about things the couple likes to do together. Are they travelers? Get them matching garment bags or large duffle bags that have their initials on them. Do they like to go camping? Get them a piece of camping equipment that they haven't been able to get themselves. Figure out what they like to do together and then get them a gift that will enhance that time together.


Lucky for you, anniversary wedding gift ideas for couples and wedding gift ideas for couples are very similar. Though the couple probably won't need new appliances or glassware after a couple of years of marriage, they will still appreciate getting gifts that represent their life together. Since they've been together for a while, you might want to consider getting them customized picture frames, blank scrapbooks and other memorables that will let them preserve their memories. Gilded picture frames with the couple's name and wedding date engraved on it will be a big hit. Memorable gift ideas for couples suit every couple because they all have memories together.

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