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Gift Ideas for Retirement

Gift Ideas for Retirement

Gift ideas for retirement can be zany, practical or fun. Keep in mind that the greatest gift to the retiree is that they're not going to have to work any more. That's the greatest gift of all!

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are great gift ideas for retirement for people in your office that you don't know very well. Try getting a nice spa gift basket for a women who is about to retire. These gift baskets include shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, foot massage oil and other relaxing elements. If you want to go all out, put a nice massage gift certificate in this basket. When she opens this basket she'll be grateful that you've found a way to help her relax. Ask everyone in your office to pitch in a few bucks for this gift basket. She'll love it!

Gift baskets can also be great gift ideas for retirement for men. Lots of men decide to actively pursue golf or fishing when they retire. If this sounds like the guy you're getting a gift for, consider getting a gift basket that suits these hobbies. For the fisherman, get him a basket that includes different flies, a beer cozy, a tackle box and some cigars. If you want to go all out you can get him some polarized sunglasses. For the golfer, fill a basket with new golf balls, golf tees and small books that give tips on the game.

Gag gift ideas for retirement

For many people retirement brings a lot of emotions. The retiree is excited because they no longer have to work. However, they're also nervous that they'll run out of money or not be able to find enough to do. So, why not get them funny gift ideas for retirement? Make them get a chuckle out of the fact that they're leaving their old nine to five job and moving on to the better things in life. Some gag retirement gift ideas include funny t-shirts. Some say, "Do it yourself, I'm retired." If you get the gift in advance, you can get the retiree a retirement countdown calendar. These calendars are day calendars. The soon-to-be retiree can rip off a piece of the day each time they move closer to retirement. These gifts are especially good for a retirement party. The other guests will love seeing these hilarious gifts and they will contribute to the celebratory atmosphere.

Because money is a concern for many soon-to-be retired people, it might be funny to get your retiree a small piggy bank or "retirement savings fund." Whatever you do, do not forget to follow through on gift ideas for retirement because retirement is a really momentous occasions in everyone's life.

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