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Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Sometimes it's hard to think of gift ideas for teenage boys, but it doesn't have to be.

Use your resources

When you start looking for gift ideas for teenage boys, don't forget to use all of your resources. For starters, talk to the kid's parents. Teenagers aren't usually very shy about telling their parents what they want for their birthday or Christmas. Parents should be able to provide you with a rather lengthy list of stuff the kid wants. If you're working within a budget, ask them to give you suggestions for gifts that fit in your price range. If the kid only wants expensive stuff, consider going in on the gift with someone else.

Some safe ideas

Finding a good gift idea on your own shouldn’t be that hard. Does the kid like sports? Is he a techie kid? Into music? Consider the kid's interests while you're brainstorming gift ideas for teenage boys. Boys who like sports like sporting goods that correlate with their favorite sporting teams. This kind of stuff can include hats, jerseys, posters and cards. If you're going to get the kid a baseball hat, make sure that he wears hats before you pull the trigger.

Some general gift ideas for teenage boys include video games and black lights. Obliviously if the kids doesn't have a Play Station or other gaming device, you shouldn't get him a video game! But, if he has this stuff, get him a game. Kids are always interested in playing the latest sports game. Black lights, yes the same black lights that were popular in the 1980s, have come back in style. Kids love these lights. Get the teenage boy in your life a black light for his room. You can also find posters that are black light sensitive. He'll enjoy looking at his room through a different lens!

Never discount the gift card

If you're absolutely stuck on what to get the teenage boy in your life, go for a gift card. You can never go wrong with the gift card. A gift card is free money, but it's a little more personal than giving the kid money because it's directed for a certain use. Find out what kind of stores the kid shops at and get him a card there. Get a card to the local guitar supply shop if the kid's a musician. For the techie, get a nice gift certificate to Best Buy. The kids will love these gift ideas for teenage boys.

Magazine subscriptions are also great gift ideas for teenage boys. You should keep the subscriptions G-rated because mom and dad won't be too happy if you get him a more adult gift. These gift ideas for teenage boys last for a year and who doesn't want to use their birthday gift for a year?

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