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Gourmet Food Baskets

Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Gourmet food gift baskets are a great gift for anyone who likes to be pampered.

Sending the obvious

When people think gourmet, they usually think fancy wine and cheese. Cheese and wine baskets are the perfect gift for anyone who like wine, cheese or entertaining. These baskets include different wines and different cheeses. The wine and the cheese are usually pared together based on taste and texture. You can find wine and cheese baskets that represent a certain area of the world or the country. You can also find wine and cheese baskets that feature a variety of wine and cheese that are from the same family, but made of different components. For example, you may have a basket that has four different American yellow cheeses and some correlating wine, or a flight of white wine with cheeses that bring out the citrus flavor of the wine.

Often times those who receive these baskets share the contents with the guests at a party so you might actually benefit from your own gift. Cheese and wine baskets are very popular gourmet food baskets, but they're not the only baskets out there.

Other foods

Though wine and cheese are frequently the first food items that are associated with gourmet food baskets, they're not the only gourmet items that can be added to these baskets. Your gourmet food baskets can include appetizers or snacky foods. These baskets might include different dry packets for certain dips, gourmet crackers, handmade salsas and homemade chips.

For the condiment lover, pick up gourmet food baskets that include a variety of different jams, mustards and other toppers. People love to explore the new flavors of the items that come in their gourmet food baskets.

Chocolate, coffee and tea are also lovely little additions to gourmet food baskets. Get on a gourmet chocolate's Web site and find a basket that includes a variety of different chocolates. Be sure to include white, dark and light chocolate so you can tickle everyone's taste buds. Choosing a basket that has truffles, tuttles and other chocolate covered treats will be a sure hit.

While we're talking about caffeine, let's address gourmet food baskets that include coffee and tea. People who love coffee or tea really love coffee or tea and will really appreciated a basket that includes a variety of coffee or tea. To add a little spice to these baskets, be sure to include dry scone mixes or pre-made biscottis.


It's easy to find pre-made gourmet food baskets, but don’t forget that you can always add a personal touch to any basket. Pick up a special coffee cup to add to your gourmet coffee basket or a nice wine opener for your wine and cheese gourmet food baskets.

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