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Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Basket

So, you have a wine and chocolate connoisseur in the family and you're not sure what to get them? For this birthday boy or girl you can't miss with a gourmet gift basket.

What goes in a gourmet gift baskets?

You can put anything you want in your gourmet gift basket however, gourmet gift baskets usually include top of the line food, wine and other trinkets. If you know what kind of specialty foods the basket recipient likes, fill the basket with these items. If you don’t know what they specifically like, create a basket specially designed for them.

For example, for the health nut, put together a gourmet gift basket that is focused on a medley of fruits and nuts. You can choose dried fruit, gourmet nuts and specialty jams for this basket.

Does your friend love Italian food? If so, look for Italian gourmet gift baskets. You can include Italian spices and mixes, Italian wine, Italian breadsticks, salami and gourmet olives in this gourmet gift basket. To make it a meal-based basket, include noodles, spaghetti sauce and a bottle of cooking sherry.

Planning a basket for an event

If you plan on giving the basket to the recipient at a specific event, design your gourmet gift basket around the theme of the event. For example, if you've been invited to a barbeque and you don't want to bring a bag of chips, put together a barbeque basket. This basket can include a variety of gourmet barbeque sauces including teriyaki, spicy, honey mustard and rosemary vinaigrette. The host might not use the sauces at that particular barbeque, but at least you know you're getting them a gift they will use.

For new homeowners, put together gourmet a gift basket that include a bottle of champagne, cheese and crackers. You could also give them a breakfast oriented gift basket that comes with gourmet juice, pancake mix and cereal bars so they can enjoy their first breakfast in their new home without having to go to the grocery store.

Do I have to pick everything that goes in the basket?

No, you don't. One of the greatest things about gourmet gift baskets is that most of them are pre-made or can be ordered off the Internet. If you don't want to put the basket together yourself, visit an on-line gift basket site and choose what kind of basket you want. Web sites such as Harry and David, which is a gourmet food company, will let you create your own basket from home. All you have to do is choose what you want in your gourmet gift basket, give the company your credit card number and they'll ship it to whomever you want.

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