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Gourmet Gift Baskets1

Gourmet gift baskets are a fabulous gift idea. If your gift recipient is a food fanatic or is new to gourmet food ideas, there is no matter as any great gourmet food basket would be appreciated. Try to gear your basket to the particular tastes of those to whom you will be giving the basket.

Gourmet gift baskets are easy to build, especially if you choose a theme for your basket. That is when to consider how refined the tastes of your recipient are. The higher-end gourmet will appreciate your careful selection of food items which enhance the eating experience, while newbies to the gourmet realm can be easily overwhelmed when facing too many expensive specialty items. They may do better with a more simple gourmet basket.

A great start to any gourmet gift basket is a great bottle of wine. Wines are handled and aged with diners and foods in mind. Fine diners will use wines to enhance their meals or snacks and those with little experience with wines can be introduced to a new pastime with the right bottle. Select a wine to suit the theme of your basket, be it dessert, port, white, sparkling or red.

Cheeses are always great to include in gourmet baskets. The reason? Cheeses are the perfect compliment to wine. Gourmet cheeses can also be called artisan cheeses because cheese is truly considered an art form. The science of creating the perfect cheese texture and flavor has been attempted and perfected for thousands of years. Many high-end cheeses have unique flavors, but there are very reasonable specialty gourmet cheeses to include as well.

Gourmet gift baskets can be enhanced by the addition of specialty gourmet meats. These meats range from fish like smoked salmon to beef items such as imported Kobe beef from Japan. Meats can be expensive, but offer interesting flavors and textures to gift baskets, and may be the perfect addition for those with distinctive tastes or the person who has everything.

Fancy candies are the perfect ending to a gourmet gift basket. Imported chocolates are among the most popular things to include in a gourmet basket. These chocolates really are different from many domestic varieties available. They have a smoother texture and pair well with wines. Often, one piece of a high-end chocolate will stifle a chocolate craving from the worst chocoholic.

When selecting gifts for high-end recipients, consider going gourmet. Provide a basket to either introduce new flavors or to thrill the more experienced gourmet. Plan carefully and your gourmet gift basket will go over well!

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