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Hanukkah Gift Basket

A Hanukkah gift basket is a wonderful gesture to send to any Jewish friend for the Festival of Lights, but there are some important guidelines to follow if you will be sending food items to a Jewish home which follows Kosher law.What does Kosher mean? Basically, Kosher is a Hebrew phrase which denotes that which is acceptable or has followed ritual standards. The Torah is the Jewish holy book which clearly defines Kosher for Jewish people. It is not so important that a non-Jew read the Kosher laws in a Torah as it is to ensure the products you include in a Hanukkah gift basket. Kosher foods will have been handled in the proper way and will have followed ancient rituals. In addition, they must be certified by a rabbinical organization to prove it is fully Kosher. Someone who follows Kosher law may not eat any foods which are not Kosher, but someone who does not follow Kosher law may eat Kosher foods.

Your Hanukkah gift basket which follows Kosher law may be a bit of a challenge if you are new to Kosher guidelines. If you want to research how to follow Kosher guidelines you can use your favorite research method. The Internet makes doing this very easy. There is a wealth of great information available to you on Kosher law. You can also check with local Jewish organizations for help.

What types of foods can you include in a Hanukkah gift basket? Well, anything which can be certified as Kosher is the best answer. Most fish is safe, if it had fins and scales when it was alive. You can include smoked salmon or gourmet tunas which carry Kosher certification. Many types of sweets are Kosher as well, so they would be fine to include. You can choose from many varieties, including chocolate. Cookies of all different sorts are also often Kosher. You can include jams or jellies, snack items like pretzels or nuts, dipping sauces, or baked goods which are all certified Kosher.

Taking someone’s dietary restrictions based on allergies, health or religious doctrine is always a wonderful thing to do when giving a food item. If you are able to learn a little about Kosher law and apply that to food gifts you intend on giving to Jewish people who follow Kosher law, you will be able to give them a fabulous Hanukkah gift basket.

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