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12th Anniversary Gifts

12th Anniversary Gifts

Though you're 12th year anniversary doesn't get the fireworks that a 50th anniversary gets, it's still a special occasion and deserves nice 12th anniversary gifts.

Doing something as a couple

Your 12th anniversary gifts don't have to be individual gifts. You can find gifts that benefit you as a couple. Movie tickets, concert tickets, tickets to a ballet or play — all of these items will take you and your spouse out of your every day routine. Going to a special event and sharing a new experience is a great way to rekindle the flame between you and your spouse. To top off this experience, take your spouse to dinner or desert. Going on a real "date" is important to keeping your identity as a couple. Some other couple ideas include taking a cooking class, taking a dancing class, going for a hike or getting out of town for the weekend. All of these ideas will give you a little time away from the kids, work and all of the other responsibilities you have to deal with.

Finding a traditional gift for your spouse

Traditional holds that your 12th anniversary gifts should include something that's silk or linen. The nice thing about traditional wedding gifts is that they're a substance, so you really have a lot of freedom to pick a gift that will personalize your wedding anniversary. For example, if your husband is a business man, you might want to get him a nice embroidered silk handkerchief to fold and place in his suit pocket. You can probably find a matching silk tie to make this ensemble complete. But, if he's not a businessman, get him some silk boxers. These can bunch up when they're worn under pants, but they've very comfortable to sleep in.

Silk 12th anniversary gifts for your wife can include a silk blouse or silk pajamas. Silk clothing used to be reserved for the upper echelon in the Chinese court. Silk pajamas are incredibly delightful to sleep in. To top off the silk pajamas, get her a silk robe. Of course, you can extend this traditional silk gift to include some sort of undergarment. Naturally, this will be a gift for you as well.

If she has nice kitchenware and likes to entertain, get her a set of nice silk napkins or other silk embroidered linens for her dining room table. She'll appreciate these 12th anniversary gifts. You can also find nice warm blankets that are outlined in silk. Choosing any item that is a linen and includes some kind of silk, is like killing two birds with one stone.

Linens, of course, include all kinds of items. Nice new sheets for your bed, new towels, etc. These 12th anniversary gifts are both functional and thoughtful.

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