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Hawaiian Gift Baskets

Hawaiian gift baskets are fun to put together and give and even more fun to receive! They can be used for any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and many more; they also make terrific corporate and holiday gifts; say "Mahalo" with a Hawaiian gift basket.

Choose a basket to help the recipient relax and enjoy with spa themed Hawaiian gift baskets with tropical scented lotions and bath salts, coupled with candles and a soothing cd of beach sounds. Include some teas and let them kick everyone else out of the house, slip in to a warm bath, and dream of somewhere warm and far away.

Say "Aloha" and deliver a bouquet of Hawaiian flowers with flip flops and beach towels for a basket that encourages some fun in the sun. Pair them with Hawaiian gift baskets filled with tropical themed can coozies, a bright colored cooler and some umbrellas to put in their drinks. They may not be in Hawaii, but they can certainly pretend to be!

Acknowledge the coffee lover in your life by giving them coffee themed Hawaiian gift baskets. Fill a small hand woven basket with Kona coffee and a couple of colorful mugs. Add a little zest and include some rich hot chocolate and macadamia nuts. You will find that most variaties of Hawaiian gift baskets will come packaged with some sort of macadamia nut, as Hawaii is famous for them. Try a basket filled with chocolate covered macadamia nuts, candied ginger, coffee and a fruit and nut mix for a treat that's sure to please.

Friends or family that are going visit The Big Kahuna on vacation will love the chance to get a jump start on enjoying the treats that this beautiful island has to offer. Fill a big basket for them with macadamia nuts, coffee, cookies and a guide book of the islands. Include brochures, a pair of binoculars and a book of "must sees" for while they are there.

Hawaiian gift baskets are so versatile; they can be made in to most any gift. Lots of people will enjoy the fragrant aromas and luscious flavors of rich Hawaiian coffee and decadent chocolate. Say everything from "I love you" to "Have a great vacation" or just a simple "I'm thinking of you" with a different variety of one of these baskets. Hawaiian gift baskets are the perfect way to say just about anything.

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