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Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

Homemade Christmas food gifts are one of the most delicious gifts you can give. What better gift to give than something that you spent time lovingly preparing. There are many different types of homemade Christmas food gifts that you can give from cookies to pastas to granolas to dog treats.

If you decide to pack and give homemade Christmas food gifts for the holidays, you can pack them in baskets or jars. Add all of the dry ingredients for muffins or brownies, attach a recipie card and wrap it up with a baking pan. You can theme your baskets as well if you choose. Put together homemade breads and small jars of canned preserves and jellies along with jars of muffin mixes.

Are you able to make fudges and chocolates? What about hard candies? Fill a basket with sweets for friends and family members this holiday season. Homemade Christmas food gifts of peppermints, chocolates, biscotti and teas will make wonderful gift baskets; the recipient will certainly enjoy a sweet treat after a large family meal.

Giving a gift to a coffee lover? Pack up some hand made mugs with homemade flavored coffees, cocoa mixes sealed in jars and brownie mix. Include chocolate dipped spoons and chocolate covered pretzels. Let the recipient make them at their leisure; you may find that you even get an invitation to come over and sample some of your homemade mixes.

Soup mixes also make nice homemade Christmas food gifts. There are many different types that you can find just by searching the internet. Confetti Bean Soup Mix, French Market Soup and Texas Two-Step Soup Mix are all easy to make and present in jars. Include in the basket some nice soup bowls and a set of linen napkins. Flavored vinegars and herbed dipping oils can be bottled and packaged with loaves of homemade breads.

Dog lovers are easy to please with homemade Christmas food gifts. Spend a day in the kitchen making homemade dog biscuits in a variety of flavors such as garlic beef biscuits, liver dog treats and even vegetarian dog biscuits. If you want to give away your secret recipe, print them out on cards and tuck them in a basket along with some other dog toys such as tennis balls and Kongs.

Whatever you choose to make, homemade Christmas food gifts are an inexpensive, yet thoughtful way, to please everyone on your holiday gift list. Initially, the task may seem daunting as there will be several weekends spent cooking, baking and preparing each of the baskets. In the end, it will be well worth it though as there is no better gift than the gift of food. Take your time and enjoy making your homemade Christmas food gifts.

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