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Hostess Gift

A hostess gift is a great way to thank the hostess of the function you attended for including you in their event. A hostess gift is also a thoughtful way for you to recognize the incredible job that the hostess did in putting the event together and your gift should get that message across. It is not easy to plan and successfully pull off an event like a wedding, dinner party, anniversary party, company sponsored picnic or any large event that may or may not be catered. It is the hostess' job to make sure all details are taken care from the appropriate date and time of the event to the number of people who will attend to the location of the event to the food and drinks. They even have to make arrangements for the photographer if one is necessary, make or order the centerpieces for the tables, and place cards to go at each table setting and arrange for car service for guest of honor and in some cases the guests themselves. Finally the hostess has to be able to think quickly on their feet. By this I mean they must be resourceful and have back-up plans in place in the event something goes wrong at the event.

A hostess gift can range anywhere from a very simple inexpensive gift item to a more detailed and more costly item. However, the type of hostess gift you choose to give would be dependent on two things. First what is your relationship with the hostess? Is she a close relative, dear friend or a co-worker with whom you are close? If the answer is yes then chances are your gift should be of a more personal nature. But if the hostess is someone you hardly know or maybe have never met before, then your gift will obviously be a little more generic. Some examples of a personal hostess gift are a personalized picture frame, a spa certificate, a photo album specifically for photos of the event you attended, jewelry, aromatherapy type things like candles, scented oils, bubble baths, scented lotions and shower gels and items specifically related to the hostess' hobby. Some examples of more generic gifts include recipes, books, vases, cookies, chocolates or flowers. The hostess gift you present at the party should be an extension of you. Any non-edible gift should remind your hostess long after the party is over who actually presented them with that particular gift.

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