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House Warming Gifts

House warming gifts are the kind of present that you want to give, knowing that it will be unique and there will not be another quite like it. It may help to first take an inventory of what they seem to have before going out to purchase that perfect gift. If you're still struggling, let Gift Baskets Remembered help you come up with some fantastic, one-of-a-kind house warming gifts.

If the recipient of this gift likes to cook or entertain, give them a funky vintage apron with some must-have chef tools and some personalized kitchen floor mats. A spicy French Hostess apron with a set of martini glasses and a Housewarming Party Tray from our large selection of gift baskets would also be a nice treat. If they are king and queen of the backyard gathering, a patio beverage tub with a bar-style blender and our Cookout BBQ set will make them smile. Maybe the new home owners enjoy a peaceful and serene existence; treat them to some Feng Shui with a beautiful indoor wind chime, a money tree or bonsai plant and a year-long good wishes candle set.

Good house warming gifts for the single chick might be a backyard fire pit paired with some funky wine glasses and one of our Velvet Gianduja Tortes; she can celebrate her most recent accomplishment with some close friends and do it in style. Put togethera wine and cheese gift basket with a chic new wine rack for a gift that is sure to be well received.

Flowers bloom in a garden well cared for; treat the new home owners to house warming gifts to help them do just that. Some gardening tools, a membership to a plant-of-the-month club and our Garden Watering Can is a sure-fire pleaser. Encourage your recipient to relax and enjoy their new backyard with a hammock and some backyard tiki torches or a patio bistro set.

When buying house warming gifts to suit the whole family, go for something that will encourage them to sit down and enjoy their new abode together. Personalized ice cream bowls or one of our Heart Healthy Gift Baskets with a few board games will have them laughing and playing together all night long. If you think they would enjoy something a little more high octane, try an all-in-one game table and our Gourmet Snack Chest.

Moving in to a new place is a big event and your gift, no matter what you choose, will reflect that, as long as you put some thought in to the way you wish to present it. House warming gifts can be a blast to buy if you choose the right stores and websites to visit so grab your purse and get going!

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