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Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts are a great opportunity to share the joy of a new homeowner. Fewer and fewer people are offering housewarming gifts to others these days, but it is a time honored tradition which always adds a personal touch to any space. Never miss the chance to offer a housewarming gift to a new homeowner.

Houseplants are always a welcome gift item for a new homeowner. You will want to consider the recipient’s style and tastes when looking for the right houseplant. You would never want to give a big flowered plant to someone with a more modern and cutting edge style. Also, take into consideration the amount of space your gift plant will take up. Many starter homes are smaller and may not have much extra room for large items, including plants. Try to select plants which could easily be placed on an end table or dresser to conserve space.

New homeowners may also not have a selection of barware. Glasses of varying sizes and styles are a great housewarming gift. They give a homeowner a chance to host additional parties in the future, at which you could be the guest of honor. The most popular choices are wine glasses, high balls (which can also be used as iced tea glasses) and rocks glasses.

If you are privy to the decorating colors of the new home, you can give towels which compliment the scheme and style of the home. Select towels which are of the highest quality available and ensure that you give at least two of any towel or washcloth you purchase to allow for bathroom sets. The same rule holds true for kitchen towels as well.

Kitchen accessories are also welcome housewarming gifts. You can combine several kitchen tools and towels together in a housewarming gift basket. Things to add are various spoons, wooden cooking utensils, spoon rests, trivets, knives, salt and pepper shakers, a pepper mill, citrus peelers, vegetable peelers, cake testers and even a candy or meat thermometer. These are all items which will be used for some time to come.

Housewarming gifts are items which offer congratulations to new homeowners and give them an opportunity to fill their home with the well wishes of the people who care about them. It is also a chance to lighten some of the financial burden placed on new homeowners. If you have the opportunity to do so, make sure you offer any new homeowner wonderful housewarming gifts.

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