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Ideas for Gift Baskets

Ideas for gift baskets

There are so many ideas for gift baskets that once you see a few, you're going to have a really hard time picking just one!

Going with a food motif

There are simply too many ideas for gift baskets to run through in one article, but we'll give it a shot. Let's start with food. Food is always a very popular gift basket idea. People love to eat and gift baskets usually include good food that people otherwise not think to buy. To satisfy those who have sweet tooths, pick up a basket full of chocolate. Some of these baskets are actually chocolate towers because they're made up of several different stacked boxes of chocolate. Chocolate gift baskets include all kinds of chocolate — dark chocolate, light chocolate, truffles, tuttles, creams — you name it, they've got it. All you have to do is ask. If chocolate isn't their thing, get on-line and visit a gourmet food store. These stores have all kinds of candy. For the old timers, get on the Web and find a place that specializes in candy that you can no longer find on every shelf. They'll love getting a basket full of candy that they ate when they were a little kid!

For the salty person, get a basket full of gourmet mustards, sauces, dips and chips. These baskets can also include pretzels and other phenomenal salty treats such as sausage. Ideas for gift baskets can include anything. For example, if you're not sure the person likes salt, but they always seem to talk about how much they love salsa, put different salsas in the basket with the chips.

When we say food, we don't mean that the basket has to include solid food. Ideas for gift baskets also include "food" gift baskets that are more like "liquid" gift baskets. This would include a gift basket full of wine, a basket centered on coffee or a basket centered around different teas. In these baskets you can add food such as cheese and crackers, scones or wafer crackers.

Having some fun

Now, not all ideas for gift baskets have to include food. You can get a spa gift basket that includes all kind of scented materials such as bubble bath and body wash for a shower or bath. Aromatic candles, slippers and robes can also be put in these baskets. Looking for gift baskets for kids? No problem. You can find baskets full of art supplies for the kiddos. These baskets are a lot of fun and will probably include markers, water colors, coloring books and crayons. If you want to be extra nice, you could probably sneak in a piece of candy or two. Though adults don’t need ideas for gift baskets to include candy, kids love it!

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