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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Holidays can strain anyones budget; so what is the key to giving inexpensive Christmas gifts while still making them appear to be classy and well planned? All it takes is a little planning and forethought and you can pull it all together.

The first and most practical way to give inexpensive Christmas gifts is to create them yourself. Are you a knitter or crocheter that can make hats, scarves or any other handy item? Soaps, handmade jewelry or papercrafts are all inexpensive Christmas gifts that can mean a lot to the person receiving them. Really, anything that you can make can be turned in to a gift whether it be something that is made to be worn or eaten.

Another option is to offer a service that you are good at; maybe it's a day of house cleaning for a busy set of parents or a full dinner along with dessert, made to order and delivered to their house, just before they get home. Have friends with children but you're not sure what to buy them? Give them a weekend kid-free. Let them go out and do whatever they want, while you take the kids for the weekend. To you, this gift may not cost much, but to the recipients, it will be one of the most wonderful gifts they've ever gotten; the gift of time.

Buy one share of stock for the budding investor or give them the gift of an hour with a personal finance manager; both are great ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts, but in the end, could be extremely profitable for the person receiving the gift. Try a gift subscription to Smart Money or the Wall Street Journal.

Budding chefs will enjoy the gift of sassy aprons for the kitchen or some cool new silicon baking gear. Specialty baking mixes and spices from a local shop will keep them cooking for hours. Maybe combine one of these with a subscription to a cooking magazine. Any of these will make great inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Green thumbs will enjoy a basket full of gardening tools and packets of seeds. If they already have a garden, try making some handmade lanterns for them to hang outside or humor them with a vintage bird feeder. While to you these could be considered inexpensive Christmas gifts, but, when Spring rolls around, they'll have lots of time to enjoy the beautiful fragrance wafting from their backyard.

Whatever gift you choose, the recipient is sure to enjoy it. Inexpensive Christmas gifts can be presented and displayed beautifully; put a little bit of thought into what you want to do and just go for it.

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