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Kwanzaa Gift Basket

Kwanzaa gift baskets There is something about receiving a gift basket that lets you know you are being thought of. When you want to let a friend or family member know that they are in your thoughts, nothing works better than a gift basket that has been chosen especially for them. If your special someone celebrates Kwanzaa, create a gift basket for that special occasion. A gift basket that acknowledges Kwanzaa is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, thank you, housewarming, or a promotion. Kwanzaa is a week long festival honoring African American heritage. To create the perfect gift basket, include gifts that are of African flavor. To encourage full appreciation for the celebration of Kwanzaa, include books that are written about African American heritage or the history of Kwanzaa. For children, include adventure books that are personalized with their name in the story. There are many decorative items that are appropriate Kwanzaa gifts. Choose a woodcarving in the shape of a giraffe or elephant. Earthenware can be used as a decorative item or utilized in the kitchen. Sculptures created from soapstone and jade are indicative of the Kissi tribe. The Kissi tribe are well-known sculptors of soapstone. You can even choose a theme for your basket. Create a safari theme for your basket. Include plates that depict a safari theme or animal. Animal prints are also popular items. Add a set of towels with a leopard print or a throw that can be used as a wall hanging or to keep warm at night. Stone coasters, glassware, sculptures, and snowglobes are all available with a safari theme. Choose sculptures made of wood, soapstone, or jade for more authenticity. Complete your basket by adding gourmet foods. Choose gourmet chocolates such as Ghiradelli and Godiva. Add an assortment of caramel filled wafers, truffles, and chocolate covered nuts. Complement your chocolates with assorted nuts such as cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts. Make a basket of coffees and teas that represent African flavor. Complement the coffees with assorted biscotti flavors. Kwanzaa gift baskets can be given for any occasion and not just during the heritage festival period. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are the most popular gift occasions. But these gift baskets are also great as a thank you, get well, sympathy, and graduation gift. Including items that have been chosen based on your special someone's heritage adds a personal touch to your gift. Show someone just how special they are with personalized choices. You are not only creating a gift basket but lasting memories.

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