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Las Vegas Gift Baskets

Las Vegas gift baskets can be a really fun way to remind someone of a fabulous trip to Las Vegas or can be the perfect thing to bring a little Vegas to anyone. If you plan well and have fun with the gift items you include in the basket you can create the best Las Vegas gift basket ever!

Kitchy and creative items should be included in any Las Vegas gift basket. Remember the Las Vegas motto, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” when you are building the perfect gift basket. Make sure you have fun when you are creating the basket and it will show in the finished product.

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of gambling. That is a great place to start with your gift basket. You can purchase decks of cards for a very low price. If you add several decks you can have several on hand for game night. Cards can’t be used once they show signs of wear, so be ready to replace them as the need arises. Stick with the suits in the deck for your theme. Red and black are always a catchy color scheme and will please any eye.

Plan to include poker chips in your Las Vegas gift baskets as well. They can be used for just about anything, and obviously, for playing poker or any variety. They can be a festive bed for anything you place in the gift basket as well (much like you would use Easter grass in an Easter basket). That way, you have a stable base in which to rest items, that is practical and can be used for games later.

What self respecting high roller is seen without a martini in hand? You absolutely must include a pair of martini glasses in your gift basket. They are available in very simple traditional styles to more flamboyant Lucite styles with designs. These can be filled with red cinnamon candies or black licorice bites to continue with the red and black theme.

Additional items to include in Las Vegas gift baskets are shot glasses, sunglasses, additional barware styles, drink stirrers, t-shirts, an books on poker and gambling.

Have fun when creating Las Vegas gift baskets. Even if you have never been to Vegas, it can be easy to make a Las Vegas gift basket and you never know, your gift may inspire more than just a game night.

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