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List of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

No one is really sure where the list of traditional anniversary gifts came from. Some feel that the list has evolved over time; there is also a more modern version of the list that has evolved by many still go with the traditional list. As you will see when you review the list the items for the least amount of years are more readily available and as the years go on so does the value and rarity of the gift.

The list of traditional anniversary gifts begin with paper for the first anniversary. As an example of how you can utilize the list we will discuss some options for the paper anniversary. You could by your loved one a first edition copy of their favorite book, or perhaps tickets to a show or some other event they would enjoy. There are ways that you can stick to the tradition but be creative as well which really make the possibilities for gifts endless. Using your creativity in combination with the list of traditional anniversary gifts you can come up with many different gift ideas.

Some of the items on the list of traditional anniversary gifts lend themselves well to jewelry but that is not always required. Some of the items that might make good jewelry gifts are Silver, pearls, coral, ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. But don't feel trapped into purchasing jewelry feel free to use your creativity to use these items in a new way.

Here is the list of traditional anniversary gifts:

First: Paper Second: Cotton Third: Leather Fourth: Fruit or Flowers Fifth: Wood Sixth: Candy or Iron Seventh: Wool or Copper Eight Bronze or Pottery Ninth: Pottery Tenth: Tin Eleventh: Steel Twelfth: Silk or Linen Thirteenth: Lace Fourteenth: Ivory Fifteenth: Crystal Twentieth: China Twenty-Fifth: Silver Thirtieth: Pearls Thirty-Fifth: Coral Fortieth: Ruby Forty-Fifth: Sapphire Fiftieth: Gold Fifty-Fifth: Emerald Sixtieth: Diamond

Finding just the right item for your loved on from the list of traditional anniversary gifts may be difficult but there are plenty of resources available to use on the internet to assist. There are some websites that specialize in selling a variety of gifts that fit into the categories that for each year anniversary.

As you progress with your relationship and your marriage it may become easier and easier to choose from the list of traditional anniversary gifts because you will know you spouse so well. They will surely appreciate the gifts that you choose for them from this list of traditional anniversary gifts.

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