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Making Gift Baskets

Making Gift Baskets

Making gift baskets is a fun way to ensure you have unique and personal gifts for any occasion. Once you learn a few simple guidelines, making gift baskets doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. All it takes is a little bit of creative thinking about the occasion and recipient and soon you will be making gift baskets everyone will want to receive.

When making gift baskets it helps to start out by thinking about both the recipient and the occasion. One of the keys to making terrific gift baskets is having a central theme with which to tie everything in the basket together. The occasion for the gift may provide a theme, such as a gift basket to be given at a baby shower. In some cases, the recipient may spark ideas for the theme of the gift basket, like a gift basket for someone who just bought her first home or a gift basket as a birthday gift for a football fan.

With a theme in mind, when making gift baskets you need to choose the basket (or other container) that will serve as the holder for the gift. You may wish to start with a simple wicker basket, or get more creative with the container. Making gift baskets for beach lovers? Use children's sand buckets. Try making gift baskets for gardeners from planters or small window boxes.

Once you have decided on a theme and chosen a container, you can start to select the items that will fill the basket. Keep the size of the container in mind when choosing the gift items you will be placing in the basket. You want to be sure the gifts you select are of appropriate sizes to make the basket appear full without it becoming too unwieldy. By using a central theme when making gift baskets, you will probably find you have plenty of ideas for items to go into the baskets.

When it comes time to put everything together, one secret to making gift baskets that look terrific is to use some sort of filler material underneath the gift items, both to fill the space and to protect the gifts. Most craft stores sell shredded paper, pretty printed tissue, or colored cellophane that can be bunched up in the bottom of the container. Arrange the gift items on top of this filler material. A nice finishing touch when making gift baskets is to wrap the entire basket in cellophane, to hold everything in place. Add a decorative bow and you are all set. Don't forget to attach a gift card when making your own gift baskets; everyone will surely want to know who mad those beautiful creations!

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