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20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Your 20th anniversary gift should be representative of your love together regardless of what it is.

Traditional gifts

Way back in the day before you were married, someone came up with a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts starting with the first wedding anniversary and working all the way up to the 80th wedding anniversary. There are traditional wedding anniversary gifts for wedding anniversaries numbers 1-10. Then tradition takes a break and doesn't get kicked back in until year 15 and then again in year 20. From here traditional wedding anniversary gifts are labeled for every sequential five or 10 years. Tradition says that your 20th anniversary gift should be china or platinum.

The nice thing about only having to choose a substance rather than a specified item, such as a china platter, is that you can pick something that your spouse will like. For example, if your wife collects cow or pig figurines, you can get her a china cow or pig figurine. If your husband enjoys tea, get him a china tea kettle and nice mug. A 20th wedding anniversary gift made out of China is a beautiful, thoughtful gift to give to your spouse.

Your other traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift option is something platinum. This is a more modern tradition, but it's a tradition none the less. The most popular platinum gift is a piece of jewelry made of platinum. This can include a ring, necklace or bracelet. For a man, you can get platinum cuff links or a platinum money clip. Platinum is fairly expensive so if you want to get this gift, don't forget to start saving.

Going out on a limb

Now, if you're not the traditional type, you're still going to be OK. You can get your spouse a 20th wedding anniversary gift that has nothing to do with china or platinum. You could get him or her an orchid-a-month. Basically the person is shipped a new orchid every month. The living gift can be a symbol of your love and how it's grown over the years. You can choose to join other plant-a-month clubs that will send out plants other than orchids. If you're husband or wife likes to garden, consider a seed-a-month. Then they can compile all of their new seeds and start new life with the gift you gave them.

Finding a 20th anniversary gift shouldn't be that difficult. After 20 years of marriage, you should know your spouse and what they do and don't like pretty well. Pay attention to their interests and hobbies and get them a gift that correlates with that particular item. A 20th anniversary gift that helps your spouse do something they enjoy will be a big hit.

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