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Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement gift ideas can be hard to think up because by the time someone is ready to retire, they often have everything they could possibly want; or at least that's the way it appears. The kind of gift you buy should be tailored to the personality of the person you are buying it for. Is the retiree straight laced? Funny? Man or woman? Do they have grandchildren or will they be traveling the world? Retirement is a time to be celebrated and enjoyed; make your gift one that stands out. If you need some help finding retirement gift ideas, let Gift Baskets Remembered guide you.

A stigma that plagues many retirees is the label of "golfer." If your favorite retiree is indeed just that, get them a gift basket with all the goodies they'll need to play 18 holes everyday. A few sleeves of balls, a Worst Case Scenario guidebook and a gift certificate to their favorite course are all good retirement gift ideas. You could also attach one or several of these to a Golf Delights Gift Box or a Duffer's Delight Golf Gift basket, filled to the rim with novelty golf items and lots of snacks for a day on the course.

Other new retirees will enjoy a trip down memory lane; collect pictures of monumental moments in their past like the birth of their first child, their favorite pet, pictures of them and their one true love or anything else that holds meaning and have them made in to personalized magazine covers to frame and present. It will take some time to put a gift like this together, but seeing their expression upon opening it will be well worth the hard work you put in to it. Imagine the pride you will feel the next time you stop over to their house and see it displayed proudly on their wall.

What are some retirement gift ideas for the retiree that might want to use their new found free time to take up a new hobby? If the retiree was previously a shrewd business man or woman who is sharp as a whip, give him or her a beautiful chess set. If you think chess might not be their thing, try a gift set of mental dexterity games and the Executive Antique Truck offered by Gift Baskets Remembered.

Maybe the retiree will be spending most of his or her time in the garden. If that's the case, present them with a hammock and some offbeat and whimsical bird feeders and encourage them to slow down and relax. A fire pit with supplies for s'mores will make a great gift for the retiree with grandchildren. The King of the Cookout BBQ Gift Basket will encourage the retiree to channel his inner grill master to make a wonderful meal for family and friends alike.

Retirement gift ideas don't have to be boring or dull. A new retiree is starting a whole new chapter of life, one that is bound to hold endless adventures in a world they have not yet been able to explore. Before running out and purchasing just any old gift, jot down some retirement gift ideas and bounce them off someone else that knows the new retiree; get some feedback then grab your car keys and go get the perfect gift!

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