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Romantic Gift for a Man

While it can seem hard to find a romantic gift for a man, there are some truly unique gifts out there that are sure to please any man; a little bit of planning ahead can go a long way towards finding the perfect gift. The first place to start when shopping for a romantic gift for a man, is usually him. What are his interests, likes and dislikes? Most men are more receptive to gifts that reflect their personalities and whatever that personality may be, you can find a romantic gift in it. After all, much of the romance is in the presentation. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

If the object of your affection is an adventurer or traveler, try a book about the place he would most like to visit. If he spent some of his 20's in a certain big city, like San Francisco or New York, there are dozens of beautiful coffee table books just waiting to be purchased, inscribed and wrapped as gifts. Imagine his delight when the gift you give him let's him take a walk down memory lane, or better yet, gives him the opportunity to share with you some of his favorite sights from a place that he spent time. Another good romantic gift for a man who likes to travel and be adventurous is a road trip. Pack up one of our Heart Healthy Gift Baskets or a Snack Attack Gift Basket along with a road map. Have him tack up the map, put on a blindfold and give him a couple of pushpins; where the pin sticks is your destination.

If the love of your life is a bookworm, try our Book Lovers Gift Set or pair a gift card to your local bookstore with one of our Spice it Up Snack Baskets; he'll be sure to thank you when he crashes on the couch to devour both! Another great option is a subscription to a few of his favorite magazines; he'll smile every time he gets a new issue! If he's a lover of the movies, try tickets to a theater that serves you dinner while you watch your show, or make him a dinner of your own and end it with a Blockbuster Night Movie Gift Pail or grab some classics and snuggle up with the Coke Snack Works Gift Basket.

A good gift for a man can be easy to come up with, it just takes patience and a little faith in your observation skills. If your guy is a fan of "fix-it-yourself" or enjoys the backyard BBQ, why not try a sturdy watch tucked inside a Jack of All Trades Gift Box or a King of the Cookout BBQ gift basket.

What about a good gift for a man who thinks he's debonair? Try our Gentleman's Cigar Box, a bar set and a couple martini glasses; ask your 007 if he likes his drink shaken or stirred. To make your man smell delightful to all, buy him a new cologne that you've picked out, just for him, and pair it with a classy watch of steel and titanium.

No matter what you choose, when you're pickinga good gift for a man, take your time. Don't let the thought of buying a gift for that special someone fill you with unnecessary dread, rather, embrace the opportunity to show him your love with the perfect gift. Lastly, make sure you spend the time to present it in a unique way; you can find the perfect gift, but what makes it the most meaningful, and romantic, is the thought you put in to the presentation.

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