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Romantic Gift Ideas

Romantic Gift Ideas

Romantic gift ideas are the perfect way to show your significant other how much you care.


So, you want to do something nice for your honey, but you're not sure what to do. The nice thing about romantic gift ideas is that they're unique to every couple. Something that you find romantic may be completely unattractive to another person. Before you start looking for specific romantic gift ideas, think about what your significant other likes.

Sit down and write a list of the things he or she enjoys doing in their free time. This list can include serious hobbies such as mountain biking; leisure activities such as reading or simple pleasures that make him or her smile, such as reading a magazine. Make another list of things he or she really doesn't like to do, but has to do. This list could include dishes, laundry, shoveling the driveway etc. Don't pick things that they absolutely have to do, such as going to work. You're trying to compile a list of things you could realistically do for that special someone. Most employers will not let you go to work for your spouse! After you've made your list, take a moment and think about how to turn your list into romantic gift ideas.

Making it happen

Romantic gift ideas are thoughtful gifts that would only be given by a person who knows you really well. For example, if your significant other loves to mountain bike, you might get him or her the pair of mountain biking shorts they've been wanting for a year. Or, you could plan a mountain biking adventure for the two of you. Giving up a day to do something that your spouse loves to do is much more romantic than buying him or her a box of chocolates.

Now, if you can't think of thoughtful romantic gift ideas that contribute to something the person loves to do, look at the other side of your list. Not many people enjoy doing housework. If doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom are on your list of things he or she doesn't enjoy, step up and do them yourself. Wait until your spouse is out of the house and then go on a cleaning spree. Right before they get home, fill up a bathtub and light some candles so he or she can completely relax when they get home.

Traditional gifts

Of course, you can always fall back on traditional romantic gift ideas. These include flowers, chocolates and lingerie. If you're going the traditional route, try to add a personal touch to the gift so he or she knows you put a little extra thought into it. Choose flowers that are her favorite color or individually pick out the chocolates in a chocolate arrangement so she never comes across the flavors she doesn't like. These niceties add a the romance to traditional romantic gift ideas.

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