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Romantic Gift Baskets

Romantic gift baskets are a great way to let someone know just how much they mean to you. Romantic gift baskets can be sent in celebration of (1) a particular holiday like Valentine's Day or Christmas, (2) your significant other's birthday, or (3) the "just because" occasion. First, let's look at the romantic gift baskets for the "just because" occasions. Love letters, love poems and greeting cards are one thing but romantic gift baskets are ten steps beyond these items and go to show how far the marketplace has come in the romance department.

If you and your significant other are going away for a romantic weekend, tells us that romantic gift baskets packed with the couple's favorite items are a great premise to the weekend getaway. They can be filled with things that help to create a romantic mood like scented candles, bubble bath oil or aromatherapy bath salts, massage creams, scented lotions, lingerie, snacks and to top it all off, music to set and enhance the mood for romance.

If your romantic gift baskets are being sent not specifically in preparation for a romantic getaway but instead it is in celebration of a holiday then some of the same items can be included. But for specific holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day, you can add candy, festive colored items, teddy bears, or even lingerie with that specific holiday's motifs on it. If your romantic gift baskets is being sent in recognition of your significant other's birthday then here again, some of the same items as mentioned above can be included. However, you can add some sparkle to these baskets by adding engraved jewelry.

Romantic gift baskets make great gift ideas when you want to personalize your gift to that special someone. They can be put together by you or you can give a flower shop or retailer the task of handling this important yet delicate job. If you take the time to put the basket together yourself then you can take your time and shop around for just the right items to include. On the other hand, if you pay someone to make your basket, simply give them ideas of things to include like the items mentioned above and by all means don't be afraid to tell them if your significant other is more partial to one particular scent over another e.g. vanilla over raspberry. These gift baskets add a hint of personality along with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of love to come up with the individualized end result for your loved one.

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