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27 valentine's day gift baskets

Valentine’s Day gift baskets can be a very fun way to send someone a token of your affection on the international day of love. You’ll want to include some fun items in your basket no matter to whom you intend to give it. Here are a few choices of things you can put in any Valentine’s Day gift baskets.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Studies have proven that chocolate releases endorphins in the human system which closely resemble those given off during sex, so it is safe to say that chocolate makes us feel great and it tastes good. Always plan on including chocolate in some from in Valentine’s Day gift baskets.

Other types of candy are nice to include as well, although they pale in comparison to the king of all candies (chocolate, that is, did you not read the previous paragraph?). Hot cinnamon candies are a great addition because they can be heart shaped and are red. Others to consider are cinnamon gummies, cinnamon hard candies and heart shaped suckers.

Baked goods are always a nice touch. You could include something as simple as a few sugar cookies or tea biscuits or get as fabulous as including some Danish or sweet breads. If you know your Valentine’s Day gift baskets will be delivered early in the day, you could even include some high quality donuts or cinnamon rolls.

Who wouldn’t love a small stuffed animal for a touch of fun? If you are giving the Valentine’s Day gift basket to an adult, stick to small stuffed toys. They are less ostentatious and can be kept but put away when they don’t need to be seen. You can find them with Valentine’s messages, but those without are nice too, and can be set out all year, instead of just at Valentine’s Day.

Another nice touch for Valentine’s Day gift baskets are Valentine inspired office supplies. You can find heart shaped adhesive notes, pens with candy heart messages, note pads with Valentine’s Day sayings or cartoons or heart shaped paper clips. Anyone working in an office would love the whimsy these practical items offer.

You can build great gift baskets using a few simple items or you can get as elaborate as you want. The choice is yours to make. You can also give an appropriate basket to anyone who makes your gift list, as long as you don’t get deeply personal with the gifts. Co-workers, employees, fellow businesses, friends and even your sweetie would love to get fun Valentine’s Day gift baskets from you.

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