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Sensual Gifts for Him

Sensual gifts for him

The right sensual gifts for him will get his blood flowing, which will ultimately make both of you happy.

Body high

Sensual gifts for him include gifts that arouse him through scent, touch and sight. For the body highs, look for gifts that feel good when they’re applied. For example, you could get some tickling feathers. You use these feathers to gently trace a trail around his body. You’ll be surprised what parts of his body make him jump! If you get this gift, focus on the not so obvious erotic zones. We all know what the blatant erotic zones are, but did you know that wrists and the soft spot behind a person’s knee are considered erotic? They are. If this kind of activity is new to you, pick up a book when you pick up your tickler. Sex books are very good at describing erotic zones as well as how to use your body to give you lover pleasure.

Change up the sensual gifts for him and get him a gift that actually limits one of his senses. In other words, get him a blindfold. Blindfold him and then run your hands over his body. Because he can’t see you, he’ll never know where you’re going to touch him next. The anticipation combined with the surprise will knock him off his rocker!

Visual appeal

When getting sensual gifts for him, you can always fall back on the standard piece of lingerie. Most men like lingerie, though not all of them drool over it. Try to figure out what colors of lingerie he likes. If you feel comfortable, ask his friends. If you know your guy really well, you’ve probably heard him mention something about a certain piece of lingerie. He may have even pointed out a favorite piece to you. Though you might not agree with his color or style choices, try to find something you know he would like. Remember this sensual gift for him is about how he thinks you look, not how you think you look.

Many men have a certain look that they like. For example, some guys like the look of a nurse or a quote-on-quote Catholic school girl. If your guy has some hang up on cheerleaders or high class business women, dress up like one of these characters and put on a little show for him. These sensual gifts for him will simply drive him wild!

Where do I find these gifts?

You can find all of these sensual gifts for men on-line, which is nice because sometimes people feel a little embarrassed about purchasing some of these items in a store. Though you my be embarrassed, don’t buy lingerie on-line. You should really try on a piece of lingerie to get a size estimate. Outfits and sex enhancers, such as oils, can be found at sex stores. Trust us when we say that he will love whatever sensual gifts for men that you decide to buy!

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