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Sympathy Gift Baskets

It is difficult to find words to express the deepest sympathies when someone you know has experienced the death of a loved one. When there are no words left to say and long after the flowers have faded, sympathy gift baskets can bring comfort to those that are feeling the deepest sorrow. Show the person you care so much about that you're thinking about them, both on the immediate days following their tragedy and for the weeks and months after.

Sympathy gift baskets come in many sizes and with many different items in them. Send a basket with scented votives and a soothing music cd. Lavender scented lotions and a book of comfort can aid them in relaxation when they are feeling particularly sorrowful. Send along packets of tea, cider and mocha for them to sip on while they look at the newspaper. You can also attach a gift certificate for a massage, or give them a weekend away in a nearby town.

Herbal teas and bath salts are another alternative for sympathy gift baskets. Let them line their bathtub with candles and slip in to a worry free place while they listen to some music. Present them with scented eye pillows and body pillows to snuggle up with at night while listening to their relaxation cd. You can even pay a personal chef to cook for them a certain night of the week for one month or a cleaning person to pick-up; the last thing someone wants to deal with while mourning is the details of daily life.

Giving sympathy gift baskets filled with small snacks is another great idea. For the first few weeks, visitors will be streaming through the door to offer their condolences and bring food and casseroles. A gift basket of snacks will be perfect in the weeks after the rush of people have come and gone.Tins of cheese and boxes of crackers, dried fruit and small cookies, will all be most appreciated.

When purchasing sympathy gift baskets, take your time and really think about what the recipient could use right now; it may not always be the most common or ordinary gift. If you're expressing your feelings in a way in which the person who needs your kind thoughts gets the message, that's all that matters. When expressing your thoughts through sympathy gift baskets, you can do so in so many ways; all of which will convey your thoughts and condolences so very well.

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