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Tea Gift Baskets

Tea Gift Baskets

Tea gift baskets are a quaint gift for the tea fanatic as well as the occasional tea drinker.

Giving the gift of tea

Tea is one of the most therapeutic and healthy beverages out there. And, there's lots of it! Tea comes in all different flavors and suits all different taste buds. You can find tea gift baskets that have a raspberry or other berry theme. This basket might include different kinds of raspberry and other berry inspired teas. It also might come with sugar cubes, candy, scone mix and sugar cubes, giving you a few accessories for you lovely tea basket. A nice glass cream and sugar set can be slipped in this tea basket to give the tea lover in your family a compete tea outfit!

Chai tea is gaining in popularity. Many people revert to buying chai tea from coffee stores, but they can make it at home. There are many, many different kinds of chai tea. Give the chai tea lover in your home a variety of different chai teas and let them decide which one they like best.

Tea gift baskets can also be holiday inspired. Many different tea basket Web sites design special tea baskets around given holidays. For example, around St. Patrick's Day these companies might put together an Irish themed tea package. This would include Irish breakfast tea, Irish Crème Liqueur and some green and black chocolate after dinner mints. Holiday inspired tea gift baskets, such as the St. Patrick's Day themed basket frequently come in baskets that represent the holiday. For example, a green tin may take the place of an ordinary basket on St. Patty's Day.

Tea baskets…sort ofNot all tea gift baskets carry just tea. Many of them include tea accessories such as a steeper, teakettle or a cream and sugar tin. These accessories are great for the novice tea drinker. They come in all shapes, colors and styles. If you want to add one of these items to a basket that doesn't already include any of them, just ask the basket provider to pop it in the basket.

Have you ever heard of a tea gift basket that's more of a spa-oriented basket? Many tea basket companies or spa companies for that matter, will put together a nice tea basket that includes relaxing tea such as orange spice or peppermint tea. These baskets also include spa items such as bubble bath, a bath mitt, relaxing hydrating shampoo, a loofah and a foot soak. The idea is that the gift recipient will sip on a nice glass of tea while taking a relaxing bath so they're warmed and calmed form the inside out. These tea gift baskets can be found on-line or in catalogs.

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