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Teacher Gift Basket

Giving a teacher gift basket to your favorite teacher can be the perfect way to show your appreciation for a teacher your child loves. You can include items for them to use in the classroom, items for the class to use, or you can give the teacher items exclusively for themselves.

If you would like to include items for a teacher to use with her students in the classroom in the basket, start with the classroom supply list for things a teacher needs to have on hand. As new students come to classes they may be in need of supplies or students may run out of items used regularly in the classroom so giving a teacher things the students will need is a great idea, just in case a parent hasn’t had a chance to make it to the store to provide the items for their child yet. Things to include are crayons, packages of pencils, markers, highlighters, rulers, scissors, glue and glue sticks, staplers, different tapes, paper clips and stickers.

To create a great teacher gift basket for a teacher to use in the class, think of the things she will use on a regular basis. Teachers go broke buying supplies for their classrooms, so any assistance you can give in that department will be welcome and appreciated. To build a teacher’s basket you can plan to include staplers, colored paper clips for organizing, colored pens for grading papers, stickers for rewards and graded papers, goodie box items for classroom rewards, clothespins and colored or white chalk. All of these items would be great for any teacher.

If you want to give a basket to your teacher so they can feel pampered, think of items not related to school, but geared toward relaxation. Great things which would help a teacher unwind are lotions, aromatherapy candles, high end chocolates, books slippers and gel filled masks designed to help in relaxation. A gift basket such as this would pamper any teacher and make them feel like a million dollars.

Remember your budget when you set out to design a great teacher gift basket. Think of what type of basket you want to give and how you would like the teacher to use it when you are building up the items you want to include. Have fun and get creative and you will make a fabulous teacher gift basket.

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