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Teen Gift Ideas

Teen Gift Ideas

Coming up with teen gift ideas is difficult because teenagers constantly change their taste and are very, very picky. Here's a few tips on how to find gifts for teenagers.

Check out the newest gadgets

The teenager you're buying a gift for probably knows a heck of a lot more about technology than you do, which is why techno gadgets are one of the best places to start looking for teen gift ideas. Teenagers constantly want the newest cell phone, iPod, computer accessories and video games. While you probably won't get this kid a computer, there are some techie gifts that aren't too expensive. Wireless mouses, iPod holders, headphones and TV series box sets are great technology gifts that cost less than $30. If you want to spend a little more, check out some video games, the iPod nano or any accessories for an Xbox.

Not interested in going to a Best Buy or Circuit City? That's OK. There are plenty of other teen gift ideas. In case you haven't noticed, teenagers are very aware of the opposite sex. This also means that they're much more aware of how they look and smell. Cologne, perfume and scented lotions continue to be popular gifts for teens. Do a little research on popular scents or ask the perfume representative if they can point you to scents that are big hits with teenagers.

Teenagers love pop culture. If you know anything about pop culture, specifically who they like, consider getting him or her some concert tickets. Keep in mind that you'll need to buy at least two tickets because there's no way a teenager will go to a concert by him or herself. Before you buy the tickets, run your choice by the kid's parents. The parents might not want their kid listening specific bands so getting the wrong tickets could result in bad teen gift ideas. They may also not want to shuttle the kid to and from the concert.

Gift cards

Gift cards are your friend, especially if you have absolutely no idea what to get the teenager in your life. Teenagers love to eat, they love to shop, they love to listen to music and they love to go to the movies. Figure out where this kid likes to eat or shop and buy them a gift certificate to that place. If you're not sure what stores the kids likes, get them a general gift certificate to the mall. That way they can choose whatever store they like best. Always make sure that your teen gift ideas are appropriate. You should probably steer clear of any gift card that might tick off the kid's parents including gift cards to a tattoo parlor or sex store. While those things might be teen gift ideas given to you by the teen themselves, their parents will not be happy if you follow through and get the gift.

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