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Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Throwing a Thanksgiving get together can be intimidating and exhausting. Not only do you need to plan the meal, but if you're having a crowd over, you might decide you want to throw a party! If you do decide to go this route, you will need thanksgiving party ideas; let Gift Baskets Remembered help you decide how to throw your bash.

One approach to thanksgiving party ideas is to make your party a "theme party" and choose from a number of different historical periods to base your party on. For example, if you want to have a Pilgrim party, set your table simply and without frills. Your dishes could compliment each other, but mismatched dishes are more historically accurate for this time period. Make place cards that are shaped like pilgrim hats. A centerpiece of small pumpkins and another pilgrim hat; you could turn this hat upside down and fill it with freshly fallen leaves that you've had the kids grab from the back yard. After the meal is complete, invite your family and friends to take a stroll around the neighborhood and give them a chance to explore your side of town.

If you would like to invite a group of friends, but they all come from different backgrounds or traditions, try thanksgiving party ideas that focus on a more pot-luck style dinner. Invite everyone you can think of to bring a dish to share; it can be their favorite all-time meal, or and ethnic dish that reflects their culture. As your guests to provide a copy of the recipe at the pot-luck and make sure you have plenty of pen and paper on hand so it can be copied. Since most Thanksgiving afternoons involve football in some way, tell your guests to dress for football either as players, fans or cheerleaders. Decorate your table in a football theme and have a relaxed and laid-back meal.

Thanksgiving party ideas do not have to be themed. Another good idea is to have your traditional dinner, but then gather in your living room or den after the meal to play some games. Place old photos of everyone that will be in attendance on the wall with numbers next to them. As your guests to identify each photo; the person with the most right answers can get a special prize. Other thanksgiving party ideas can include having a turkey hunt, similar to an Easter egg hunt, but you are searching for stuffed turkeys instead; hang a pinata in the back yard in the shape of a turkey and, after dinner, have the guests take a swing or two.

Regardless of what you choose to do, getting family and friends together for this day is the most important and should be your primary objective. Enjoy the day and relax; thanksgiving party ideas do not have to be complicated, they just need to involve getting everyone together.

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