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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts have become a tradition for a reason: they're gifts that couples enjoy!

What are traditional wedding anniversary gifts?

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts have been passed down from generation to generation and, like many other traditions, have become a part of society. Though they don't have to be followed, they're an easy and delightful way to give the one you love something extra special on your anniversary.

We've all heard that diamonds are forever, but doe that mean that they are included in traditional wedding anniversary gifts? Yes, they are, but you have to stick out your marriage for a really long time before you earn diamonds! Diamonds aren't (traditionally) supposed to be given until the couple has reached their 30th wedding anniversary! So, if you want diamond, hold on because you're in for a long wait!

Though diamonds are the most popular of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, they are certainly not the only wedding anniversary gifts. After all, you need to get some kind of gifts between years one and 30! On the first wedding anniversary, the couple is supposed to give each other paper. Now, don't just go out and get your hubby a ream of white office paper. Get him some designer paper that has his name on it so he can send letters to you. You can also get decorated paper that can act as paper for a scrapbook. That way you and your hubby can reminisce about your year together while you put your memories in one place.

Every wedding anniversary has a different theme. For your second anniversary you're supposed to give cotton, for the third, it's leather, for the fourth it's linen or silk and for the fifth it's wood. You can get as creative as you want to with these gifts because they're fairly broad. For example, leather could mean a nice leather jacket, a piece of leather furniture or a leather outfit that would be worn at home only. For those who enjoy horses, leather could mean a new saddlebag or saddle! The nice thing about traditional wedding anniversary gifts is that they're vague, so there's plenty of room for interpretation.

Modern traditional wedding anniversary gifts

As time's moved along, traditional wedding anniversary gifts have given way to more modern traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Instead of paper for their first anniversary, a young, modern couple might exchange clocks. Give your significant other an inscribed office clock or a nice watch to fill this more modern criteria. Instead of leather, they might go for crystal or glass. Again, you can be creative and find a crystal or glass piece that fits your spouses needs. This might mean a crystal punch bowl or a nice glass ornament for your Christmas tree. Choosing between true traditional wedding anniversary gifts and more modern traditional wedding gifts is something only the couple can decide.

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