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Unique Baby Gifts

Unique baby gifts are often something that eludes gift givers. It can be hard to come up with a new and interesting item to give an expectant mom or newborn baby. It takes a little creativity and some thought, but you can find great unique baby gifts.

Some of the most unique items you can give are personalized items. Things engraved, embossed or embroidered with the new baby’s name and birthday are always great, but you’ll usually have to wait to give them until after baby makes their debut. If you need something beforehand, consider giving the item to the parents and then giving them a gift card to the place you purchased your item so they can have the personalization done later. Years ago, personalized baby items were limited to bracelets, but now there are tons of items just waiting to be personalized, and bracelets have taken on a whole new look too! Some of the personalized items which are readily available are: blankets, jewelry, photo frames, photo albums, books, Bibles, wall hangings, diaper bags, backpacks, crib linens, car seat covers, stuffed animals and name meaning charts.

If you’re in the market for something incredibly practical, gift baskets made especially for baby are wonderful. You can make your own, or better yet, you can buy them in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any need or budget. If you think you would like to go with a gift basket, take into consideration the needs you are meeting with each one. Baskets often take on a theme like bath time or bedtime, so the items in your basket will be more geared toward that theme. If you would like something that is a bit more inclusive of baby items, you can go crazy with what can be placed in them. Many come with standard items like bottles and rattles, but you can have them customized as well with additional items.

If personalization and baskets are not your chosen route, think of the practical combined with the whimsical. Wipe warmers are a fun gift every baby will appreciate. These are heating pads designed to fit around a container of wipes to keep the wipes warm so they aren’t cold on baby’s behind during diaper changes. You could also consider fun clocks which match with the theme of the new baby’s nursery. Moms who are keeping track of schedules would always appreciate not needing to make a trip down the hall to note the time. A clock is a time saver with flair. Handmade quilts are wonderful and there are rarely two which are exactly the same, no matter where they are purchased. Fun clothing has also become quite a unique baby gift. Shirts with funny quotes or commentary are all the rage and are available in every size.

Whatever you select when shopping for baby gifts will be appreciated and loved. Giving gifts which took time and careful planning will be cherished. Always consider unique baby gifts.

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